Built and managed by Google, AngularJS is one of the most powerful front-end frameworks in the world.

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What Will you Learn?

  • Build a basic AngularJS Web Application
  • Know the fundamentals of AngularJS
  • Learn about the powerful AngularJS concept known as “directives”
  • Understand concepts like Data-binding
  • Running a local web server to handle URL Routing in AngularJS

Description :

In the event that the web was made today, AngularJS’s center functionalities would have been worked in on the very first moment. That is the attitude the engineers had when they were making AngularJS… how might we make a system that would settle the majority of the center issues with the start of the web?

Here’s a basic idea: <h1></h1>

In case you’re comfortable with HTML then you know this to be a heading label which has default arranging on all web programs. To put it plainly, it influences content to emerge.

Imagine a scenario where you needed a label like: <awesome-sauce></amazing sauce>. Like only that tag? With it’s own default arranging and capacity? With AngularJS this is out and out basic. It’s known as a mandate and something you’ll learn in this arrangement.

What about simple sifting of substance in a rundown? Or on the other hand requesting? These things should be possible utilizing other innovation yet AngularJS makes is super straightforward.

This course is here to show you the essentials of AngularJS to manufacture a blog application finish with sifting, orders, seeking, typeahead, requesting, ngResource, and significantly more.