Learn How To Use An Apple Watch From Initial Setup To Customization & Communication

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What Will you Learn?

  • Pair an Apple Watch with an iPhone
  • Download Apple Watch apps
  • Re-arrange apps on the app home screen
  • Change & Edit any Apple Watch Face
  • Add Complications To Watch Face For Quick-Access Info
  • Snap pictures from remote camera app
  • Swap out Apple Watch Bands
  • Customize Glances for instant viewing of bite-size info
  • Text Using Voice Dictation
  • Read Email from the Apple Mail App
  • Check around-the-clock weather from Apple Watch & 10-Day Forecast
  • Make Phone Calls Using Phone App & Apple Watch Friends Circle
  • Control Music via Now Playing Glance: Adjust Volume, Favorite, Skip Track

Description :

Figure out How To Use an Apple Watch. From Basics of Operation, to Customization, and Communication.

Safeguard your iPhone’s Battery Life Daily By Using An Apple Watch! With Apple’s Most Personal Product To Date, You No Longer Have to Fish Your iPhone Out Of Your Pocket To Do All Of The Most Important Tasks!

  • 100% Guided Tutorials – no content documents, pdfs, or filler addresses
  • Figure out how to setup an Apple Watch by blending it with your iPhone
  • Visit Watch OS 1.0 interface, as I take you through Basic User Operations
  • Change out Apple Watch Bands to Personalize your Apple Watch
  • Well ordered direction on the most proficient method to alter Watch Faces
  • Figure out how to Text, Call, Take Pictures, and Read Email Right From Your Apple Watch

The Unofficial Guide To Everything Apple Watch!

Owning an Apple Watch is investigating another outskirts in Apple innovation. Buyer hardware are rapidly moving from your pocket to appropriate on your wrist. Smartwatches, similar to the Apple Watch, take into consideration greater adaptability, reducing the need to dependably have a cell phone close by. Apple Watch is at present a standout amongst other smartwatches as of now available, pressing a heart rate screen that is very precise, a wellness application that is second to none, also an all around custom fitted watch body, with a plenty of watch-band designs for personalization. A standout amongst other parts of owning an Apple Watch is brisk, advantageous strategies for connecting with every one of your contacts by means of small scale programming applications that enable you to content, tap, call, and even outline to your contacts! You can accept a fast approach your wrist while in a hurry. You can tap your companion over the room in a gathering or load up meeting to flag that it’s an ideal opportunity to take off. Content appropriate from your wrist with a couple of basic taps. Screen messages. Getting notice sent appropriate to your wrist. Associate with every one of your companions and most loved contacts at whatever point, wherever. Control music in a split second. There’s so much you can do. What’s more, as Apple refreshes the product, the abilities will just develop from here.

This course was intended for those that need a kick off into the experience. An underlying visit. No earlier Apple Watch encounter required. In this course I begin from the earliest starting point. From turning on and blending the Apple watch. To redoing Watch Faces and conveying from the Apple Watch utilizing Voice Dictation. At that point I’ll cover a couple of fun subjects like snapping companion and family pictures utilizing the camera remote element incorporated with the Apple Watch, and notwithstanding seeing most loved photographs in the photographs application. Leave accustomed to one of the most current shopper gadgets available. This course will get you presented, agreeable, and sure utilizing your new Apple Watch.