Launch your business by learning to build your own eCommerce app step-by-step.

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What Will you Learn?

  • Learn the ins and outs of Python’s popular library Django
  • Django version 1.11
  • Payment Integration using Stripe
  • Email Marketing Integration using Mailchimp
  • Going Live using the host Heroku
  • Adding a custom domain and implement HTTPs (using Let’s Encrypt)
  • Learn Bootstrap Version 4 basics (including Django Integration)
  • jQuery Fast Track Section (learn the basics)
  • Build a REST API
  • Build custom analytics
  • Create a custom user model
  • Guest Checkout
  • Integrate Email for notifications
  • Learning how to use Signals in Django
  • Build an internal Search Engine
  • Learn AJAX and Asynchronous Programing with Django and Javascript (jQuery)
  • Digital item sales and downloads

Description :

What used to take a major group of individuals would now be able to be expert by you and only you. It’s all because of the monstrous changes to what programming dialects can do. Python is the ideal fledgling’s beginning stage since it’s easy to comprehend while being sufficiently intense for specialists to fabricate self-driving autos and AI frameworks.

This course use Python to construct a completely working eCommerce site and application utilizing the Django structure.

Why Django and why now?

  • Django is worked for speed. Both in usefulness and being developed time.
  • A portion of the best tech organizations are expand on Django: Instagram and Pinterest to name a couple.
  • Django is composed in Python and in this manner it encourages you additionally ace Python.
  • Tremendous help from designers around the globe. Keep running into an issue with something in python or Django? A brisk google pursuit will probably yield an answer (if not, I’ll endeavor to help you out as well)
  • Python is the most effortless to begin with AND it’s made for the experts, (for example, building Artificial Intelligence)

Why eCommerce? Why not arrange?

I do have course called Tweetme that spreads building twitter-like administration. That course will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to make an interpersonal organization well ordered. I do urge you to take that course however I’ll say this course ought to be taken first for a key reason…

Approval. Demonstrating any task is justified regardless of your exertion and time can be exceptionally testing. Demonstrating that an informal organization is practical is likewise VERY difficult. Online business, then again, it’s reasonable if your task is working: it’s either making deals or it’s most certainly not.

Here’s the thing. I need you to construct a super effective venture and change your life because of that task. I trust the main way you can do that is by submitting yourself to working through tasks from beginning to end. This task is the aftereffect of all that I’ve at any point done and learned in programming. I demonstrate you well ordered to enable you to take with regards to how the majority of this is utilized. En route, I’ll clarify the WHY behind the HOW.

It’s an incredibly energizing time to get into coding/programming/programming improvement/innovation! I trust you go along with me.