Complete Guide to Practical Data Science with Python: Learn Statistics, Visualization, Machine Learning & More

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What Will you Learn?

  • Install Anaconda and work within the iPytjhon/Jupyter environment, a powerful framework for data science analysis
  • Become proficient in the use of thee most common Python data science packages including Numpy, Pandas, Scikit and Matplotlib
  • Be able to read in data from different sources(including webpage data) and clean the data
  • Carry out data exploratory and pre-processing tasks such as tabulation, pivoting and data summarizing in Python
  • Become proficient in working with real life data collected from different sources
  • Carry out data visualization and understand which techniques to apply when
  • Carry out the most common statistical data analysis techniques in Python including t-tests and linear regersiion
  • Understand the difference between machine learning and statistical data analysis
  • Implement different unsupervised learning techniques on real life data
  • Implement supervised learning (both in form of classification and regression) techniques on real data
  • Evaluate the accuracy and generality of machine learning models
  • Build basic neural networks and deep learning learning algorithms
  • Use the powerful H2o framework for implementing deep neural networks

Description :


A Full 12-Hour Python Data Science Boot Camp! : Learn factual displaying, information representation, machine learning and fundamental profound learning in Python

With such a significant number of Python based Data Science and Machine Learning courses around, for what reason would it be a good idea for you to take this course?

As the title name proposes this course your entire manual for down to earth information science utilizing Python. This implies, this course covers ALL the parts of down to earth information science and in the event that you take this course, you can get rid of taking different courses or purchasing books on Python based information science. In this time of huge information, organizations over the globe utilize Python to filter through the torrential slide of data available to them. By putting away, separating, overseeing, and controlling information in Python, you can give your organization an aggressive edge ? and support your profession to the following level.


Yet, first of all. My name is MINERVA SINGH and I am an Oxford University MPhil (Geography and Environment) graduate. I as of late completed a PhD at Cambridge University (Tropical Ecology and Conservation). I have quite a while of involvement in examining genuine information from various sources utilizing information science related methods and creating distributions for universal companion inspected diaries.

Throughout my exploration I understood all the Python information science courses and books out there don’t represent the multidimensional idea of the theme and utilize information science conversely with machine learning. This gives understudy an inadequate learning of the subject. This course will give you a vigorous establishing in all parts of information science, from measurable demonstrating to representation to machine learning. Not at all like other Python teachers, I delve profound into the measurable demonstrating highlights of Python and gives you a unique establishing in Python Data Science! You will go the distance from completing straightforward perceptions and information investigations to factual examination to machine figuring out how to at long last actualizing basic profound learning based models utilizing Python

Inside this course, you’ll find 12 finish segments tending to each part of Python Data Science:

  • ? A full prologue to Python Data Science and capable Python driven structure for information science, Anaconda
  • ? Getting started with Jupyter scratch pad for actualizing information science procedures in Python
  • ? A far reaching introduction about essential expository instruments Numpy Arrays, Operations, Arithmetic, Equation-settling, Matrices, Vectors, Broadcasting, and so forth.
  • ? Data Structures and Reading in Pandas, including CSV, Excel, JSON, HTML information
  • ? How to Pre-Process and “Wrangle” your Python information by expelling NAs/No information, dealing with contingent information, gathering by properties, and so forth.
  • ? Creating information representations like histograms, boxplots, scatterplots, barplots, pie/line diagrams, and that’s just the beginning!
  • ? Statistical examination, factual derivation, and the connections between factors
  • ? Machine Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning in Python
  • ? You’ll much find how to make simulated neural systems and profound learning structures!

With this course, you’ll have the keys to the whole Python Data Science kingdom!

You DO NOT require any earlier Python or Statistics/Machine Learning Knowledge to begin

You’ll begin by retaining the most significant Python Data Science essentials and methods. I utilize straightforward, hands-on strategies to streamline and address even the most troublesome ideas in Python. My course will enable you to actualize the strategies utilizing genuine information got from various sources. Numerous courses utilize made-up information that does not enable understudies to execute Python based information science in genuine – life

In the wake of taking this course, you’ll effortlessly utilize bundles like Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib to work with genuine information in Python. You’ll even see profound ideas like measurable demonstrating in Python’s Statsmodels bundle and the contrast amongst insights and machine getting the hang of (counting hands-on methods). I will even acquaint you with profound learning and neural systems utilizing the intense H2o structure!

With this Powerful All-In-One Python Data Science course, you’ll know everything: representation, details, machine learning, information mining, and profound learning!

The basic inspiration for the course is to guarantee you can apply Python construct information science in light of genuine information into training today. Begin dissecting information for your own ventures, whatever your aptitude level and IMPRESS your potential businesses with a genuine cases of your information science capacities.


This course is your one shot method for obtaining the information of measurable information examination abilities that I procured from the thorough preparing got at two of the best colleges on the planet, scrutiny of various books and distributing factually rich papers in famous global diary like PLOS One. Particularly the course will:

  • (a) Take the understudies without an earlier Python or potentially measurements foundation from a fundamental level to playing out probably the most widely recognized propelled information science strategies utilizing the capable Python based Jupyter note pads
  • (b) Equip understudies to utilize Python for playing out the diverse measurable information investigation and perception undertakings for information demonstrating
  • (c) Introduce probably the most imperative factual and machine learning ideas to understudies in a commonsense way with the end goal that the understudies can apply these ideas for down to earth information investigation and elucidation
  • (d) Students will get a solid foundation in probably the most essential information science systems.
  • (e) Students will have the capacity to choose which information science procedures are most appropriate to answer their examination inquiries and pertinent to their information and decipher the outcomes

It is a commonsense, hands-on course, i.e. we will invest some energy managing a portion of the hypothetical ideas identified with information science. In any case, greater part of the course will center around executing diverse strategies on genuine information and translate the outcomes. After every video you will take in another idea or procedure which you may apply to your own particular undertakings.

Make a move TODAY! I will by and by help you and guarantee your involvement with this course is a win.